Κατασκευαστής: BFt
Κωδικός: 10003           Διαθέσιμο
Operator 24 V for sliding gates up to 1000 kg in weight. Leaf speed 9 m/min

The thrust required to operate safely. A smart torque management system based on the microprocessor technology of BFT control units. Acquiring data from several indicators, it updates the level of thrust required to perform the operation. D-Track also facilitates the installer in providing for the certifications required by law. Conventional control units do not "read" the exact position of the gate and consequently apply constant thrust levels, without ensuring stable sensitivity during the opening and closing operations. BFT control devices record the slightest variation in the gate or door force, for example due to differences in temperature or wear, constantly supplying the optimum torque to the motor. A conventional control unit could not detect these thrust variations, which would result in it indicating the presence of non-existent obstacles. The BFT system thus guarantees the maximum safety and perfect functioning of the equipment, no matter what the climactic and temperature conditions and degree of mechanical wear.

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